Quick Analysis of Kendricks: The Rams Made a Great Pick

By stevengerwell

VIDEO: Lance Kendricks Highlights

Yes, this was a shock pick. But if you haven’t warmed up to it yet, here’s a little something to nudge you in the right direction, because Kenricks is going to be a player.

-He is a solid red zone target with his size, speed and his ability to jump.

-He can definitely get downfield, and has great speed for a tight-end. Just watch the video. He definitely hauls some ass for a guy his size.

– 1:17 into the video looks like a familiar route. We saw the same flat route multiple times last season, but with smaller guys like Danny Amendola running it (as well as Mike Hoomanawanui when he was actually on the field). I can’t wait to see that play executed in the redzone this year, because they now have monster to run the route.

– He goes down a little too easily for my liking. But he is so big and fast that he still gets that extra yard from his momentum alone.

– A couple plays showed him playing jump ball in the endzone…and winning. That’s exactly what the Rams need. They had no one like that last year.

– If the Rams smoothly execute a screen pass and get the ball in this guy’s hands, he will take it 50 yards. This guy’s bread and butter will be the screen pass, as well as redzone routes.

That’s my take. I think the Rams got a big time target. I also think he’ destined to be a hybrid type player; we’ll see him at TE, naturally, but we will also see him slip out wide, and maybe even catching passes out of the full-back position.

He’s not the Randy Moss or Larry Fitzgerald clone that fans wanted. But he will be a weapon for the team, which is what they desperately needed. I think Bill Devaney and Steve Spagnuolo wanted to draft the biggest and baddest downfield target that was available at No.47, whether is was a wide-receiver, running-back or tight-end, and I believe they accomplished that.


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