2011 NFL Draft: Russell Okung, James Patterson, and John Moffitt Save the Offensive Line

By judewilmot

Now that the 2011 NFL draft is behind us we can begin to look forward to next season, and begin to prepare for our latest run at greater glory.

With the recent addition of two new  players selected in the first and second rounds-Alabama OT, James Carpenter and Wisconsin OG, John Moffitt-the ‘Hawks have their focus set on recreating their desperate offensive line.

At 6′-4″, 300 lbs Carpenter will provide respectable size to the interior.

He has tremendous speed and push off the line, and powers up from bottom to top, making him a bulldozing run blocker.

Carpenter will help to open lanes for the running game, which was ranked next to last during the 2010-11 season.

Second rounder, Moffitt is another interior blocker, who could end up transitioning to center depending on need.

The 6’ 5″ 300-pounder has a reputation for having a mean streak, with sneaky  “old-school” moves.

Moffitt will help add some intimidation to a line that was anything but last season.

He’s quick for his size, has good recovery ability and can cover a lot of space with his long reach, extending pass protection and room to move in the pocket for the QB.

Last year’s top pick, Russell Okung is considered by many to be the offensive line’s anchor man.

After suffering not one, but two ankle injuries in 2010–causing him to miss six games throughout the regular season–Okung has not yet shown his full potential.

With one year of NFL experience now under his belt, expect to see a lot more out of him following up.

He has great extension and will work well paired with Moffitt in covering the pocket.

He will also open up room for the outside run, exposing weak DEs with his exceptional lead blocking abilities.

With two new strong prospects expected to sew up some of the team’s previous blocking issues, anticipate a much better  run and pass game.

Finally, an offensive line worth talking about.

Are you looking forward to seeing how well the front five do next season as much as I am?


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