Grading the Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft

By Chris Ransom

26. Jonathan Baldwin WR Pittsburgh I really liked the fact that Kansas City went out on a limb after trading down.  I really wasn’t surprised by this move.  This is a good pickup by drafting a #2 wide receiver because Chris Chambers is aging and even though I love McCluster on special teams and as a slot guy he’s not a #2 wide receiver.  Jonathan Baldwin played a #1 wide receiver role at Pittsburgh and in Kansas City his role will be easier so he should succeed.  I had Baldwin as a late 2nd round pick which is why I want to give this a B grade, but they traded down to get him which bumps this grade up to a B+ if you consider if they could have got Baldwin in round 2, but drafting Baldwin is worthy of an A grade.

Overall Grade on Drafting Jonathan Baldwin A-

55. Rodney Hudson LG Florida State Rodney Hudson was a left guard at Florida State.  He has the versatility to play either guard position or center, but I’m not sold on him as a center and I believe he will bust.  I’m sold on his ability to blend in the Chiefs blocking scheme, but I believe he is a left guard only.  This pick could be graded anywhere between A and B-.

Overall Grade on Drafting Rodney Hudson B+

70. Justin Houston 3-4 OLB Georgia This is A+ value for Houston, but he was on the right side at Georgia and tested positive for drug testing.  This draft pick should get a grade between A+ and A-.

Overall Grade on Drafting Justin Houston A.

86. Allen Bailey 3-4 DE Miami FL Allen Bailey deserves an A grade for value, but deserves a C grade at the same time for not filling a team need.

Overall Grade on Drafting Allen Bailey B

118. Jalil Brown CB Colorado This pick deserves a B grade for value, but a D grade based on team needs.  That averages to a C.

Overall grade on drafting Jalil Brown C

135. Ricky Stanzi QB Iowa I think its safe to say Stanzi deserves an A+ grade because some people had Stanzi going in round 2.

140. Gabe Miller 3-4 OLB Oregon State I’ve never heard of Miller and I believe Miller has difficulty making the Chiefs final roster.  This pick is worthy of an F grade.

199. Jerrell Powe NT Ole Miss Powe was once a round 2 prospect to get him at this point provides incredible value.  Another A+ gem that the Chiefs acquire late in the draft.

223. Shane Bannon FB Yale You can give him an A grade for being the only Ivy League player drafted, but he deserves an F grade because better fullbacks were available for the Chiefs.

Overall Grade on Shane Bannon C-.

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