Philadelphia Eagles Fullback Leonard Weaver Answers Question About His Return for 2011

By Bryn Swartz

Philadelphia Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver tweeted today about his recovery process, including his chances of playing in 2011.

Weaver suffered one of the most gruesome injuries in NFL history in the season opener against the Green Bay Packers.

Weaver suffered severe nerve damage to his foot, cutting off complete ability to move his foot at all. He also tore his ACL and his PCL.

Today he tweeted that he is a “long shot” to return for the 2011 season. But he did say that his surgically repaired left knee is healed and he is “optimistic about the whole situation.”

Weaver added the following, “And just a quick update for everyone…..the rehab is going great, kevin wilk and his staff are doing their job the right way.”

Weaver also tweeted: “‘I’m up walking and moving faster than before. My knee is healed and were (sic) are waiting on the foot!!!!”

The positive aspect for Eagles fans, as well as Weaver, is that he has been working with the legendary Dr. James Andrews, the noted knee specialist from Alabama. Andrews has performed three operations on Weaver in the past eight months. The most serious procedure was a tendor transfer surgery in January, in which Andrews removed a tendon from the back of Weaver’s foot and and surgically re-attached it to the top of his foot in an attempt to give him the ability to lift his foot again.

As a result of Weaver’s serious injury this season, the Eagles signed fullback Owen Schmitt from the Seattle Seahawks. Schmitt had a successful year in 2010 and was well-liked by Eagles fans for his bruising, hard-nosed style of play.

The Eagles also drafted fullback Stanley Havili from USC in the seventh round.

“I can’t wait to be able to work with him and watch him grow as a man and player,” Weaver tweeted. “I look forward in sharing my knowledge of the game and tips to help the young man become the best. Its my job to prepare him. …

“I’m happy about who the eagles have drafted because these young men are going to bring us great success. The eagles drafting a fullback and who they drafted doesn’t scare me or makes me fear anything. Its the nature of the business.”

Weaver, who was probably the best fullback in the National Football League during the 2009 season, concluded with the following message for fans: “However I want you fans and family to know this I will return… I will play again, I will never give up or give in….I will not stop until I help bring a Superbowl back to Philadelphia.”

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