Report: Ryan Mallett Showed Up Late For Meeting With Tennessee Titans on April 18

By Dan Parzych

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett expressed interest from numerous teams in the 2011 NFL Draft–but he slid into the third round (74th overall) and was selected by the New England Patriots. One of the main reasons why his stock fell was due to his character issues and according to a recent report–it appears Mallett was not only late for a meeting with the Carolina Panthers at the beginning of April, but he was late for a meeting with the Tennessee Titans later than month as well.

According to Darren McFarland of, Mallett was late to his April 18 meeting with the Titans–with one source claiming the Arkansas quarterback was 30-40 minutes late while another claims he was over an hour late. The report indicates that Mallett claims he was sick the night before the meeting and the hotel failed to provide him with his requested wake-up call that morning.

Of course, the Titans ended up selecting Washington quarterback Jake Locker with the eighth overall pick–but this recent news on Mallett provides an interesting aspect of the situation. If Tennessee really wanted Mallett, they could have easily selected him in the second round–but that obviously wasn’t the case.

The fact that Mallett reportedly showed up late to not one, but two different meetings was one of the major reasons why he fell to the third round. Tennessee was obviously interested in Mallett at some point, but the argument can be made his questionable character–especially with showing up late to important meetings–played a key role in their decision to spend the eighth pick on Locker instead.

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