5 Reasons Why Ryan Mallett is nothing like Tom Brady

By Chris Ransom

A few days ago Ryan Mallett claimed he was exactly like Tom Brady.  He said he was in a similar situation coming in as a backup competing for the starting job.  Did I hear that right Ryan?  Your in a similar situation that Tom Brady?  I’m going to list a few reasons why your nothing like Tom Brady.

1. Arm Strength The first thing I’m going to say about Ryan Mallett is positive.  I want to get all my positive comments about Mallett out of the way because I’m not sold on him as a franchise quarterback once Brady retires.  You have better arm strength than Tom Brady coming out of college.  I will give you that because Tom Brady was a project when it came to arm strength the cannon arm is something you have that Tom Brady.

2. Size You have better size than Tom Brady which is another thing Brady didn’t have coming out of college.

3. Intangibles Tom Brady had great accuracy, leadership, and intangibles coming out of Michigan even though he lacked the arm strength and physical tools.  He sat behind Drew Bledsoe for 2 years and became a solid starter.  Ryan Mallett does not have good accuracy.  His leadership was questionable coming out of the SEC, and if he had the intangibles people would not have said bad things about Ryan Mallett after he left Michigan to go to Arkansas.  Now the question becomes does Mallett improve his intangibless the same way Brady improved his physical tools by holding a clipboard for 2 years?  I’m going to say no and you will understand why I say no.

4. Work Ethic Tom Brady has a tireless work ethic.  Brady wants to play for another 10 years and you have to love that even though the reality is Tom Brady plays anothers 2 to 5 years tops.  Ryan Mallett blew off two team workouts with Carolina and Tennessee by going out and partying late at night.  If Mallett were in the NFL he would be violating teams curfew hours.

5. Winner Ryan Mallett didn’t win a big BCS Bowl Game in college.  Tom Brady did win a BCS Bowl Game.  Anyone remember the 2000 Orange Bowl where Tom Brady defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in overtime?  Plus Brady has won 3 Super Bowls and appeared in 4 Super Bowls since that timespan.  Ryan Mallett scares me as a talent evaluator to the point where I would consider shaving my head off.  Is Mallett really the long term answer in New England once Brady leaves?  I hope the kid succeeds, proves me wrong, and the Patriots succeed for another decade, but I really have my doubts about Ryan Mallett.

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