2011 NFL Free Agency: Matt Hasselbeck and Seattle Seahawks May Part Ways

Do we need Hass’ back?

With the closing of the draft, Seahawks fans were left scratching their head, or at least I was!

Was it really the best idea to skip over some fresh QB meat (em..Ryan Mallett)?

For the past 10 seasons Seattle has had the position of quarterback safely secured by veteran Matt Hasselbeck.

Now, questions about his return are blurring the minds of ‘Hawks fans, and shedding rumor of an affair elsewhere.

Could it be! Our one and only has reached the corner of his career and wants to stuff his pockets with another team’s money?

How about this thought; maybe we don’t want him back and decide to test the waters of free agency ourselves.

I mean, hey, if he can do it so can we, or at least pretend that we are, right!

I think I speak for just about every Seahawk fan in America when I say, “I’m sick and tired of everything being about money.”

It’s all we’ve heard about so far during the off-season; money! money! money (money!)!

From the Collective Bargaining Agreement debacle, to the current lockout and courtroom charades–––”I’ve had it up to here ( ¯¯ ).

If Hass’ does indeed end up leaving Seattle, I know of two great places where fading QBs can go to expire (I’m being nice) gracefully; Minnesota or Cincinnati!

Can you say bye, bye ex-birdie?!

Note: This blog was in no way intended to hurt Matt Hasselbeck and/or, Seattle Seahawks fans’ feelings. If that were the case…I would be insulting myself!


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  • Rich

    Let him go! If we try and keep him he will demand a lot of money as it will most likely be his last contract (if it’s multi-year) and he may get injured again and make keeping him useless. charlie isn’t the answer but if we’re going to spend a lot of money on someone who will possibly break down then spend it on someone younger.

    • Jude Wilmot

      Hi Rich, I agree! He either needs to recognize that the team is transitioning into a younger group of players, or he needs to hit the road. I like Hass’, but it’s time for some changes. Thanks for commenting Rich.

  • Shinsle

    I am such an old-timer, at 33. I feel like I am the only Hawk Lifer who has more invested in Matt than money and wins…the guy helped put us on the map, along with others of course, not to mention more primetime mentions on the man gossip medium (ESPEN, NFL Network, etc.). He had a fractured wrist against the Bears this past playoff season, and did anybody but me notice how many key tosses were right on target, but dropped by the intended target? He’s got steam left in him and I will follow him till the end of his career, no matter what jersey he puts on next season, even as I remain a Hawk Lifer.