Dustin Keller & Joe McKnight Win iPads at Mark Sanchez's Jets West Camp

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New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has been holding his Jets West camp this week, with a handful of his offensive teammates in attendance working out and studying film together in Southern Califonia.

Sanchez has done a phenomenal job putting this whole thing together for his teammates, and he’s even been able to keep the fans tuned in too, as he’s been very busy posting pictures and videos from Jets West on his official Facebook page.

One of the activities they’ve done this week is a water balloon catch competition, with a pretty high-stakes prize for the light-hearted game. Thanks to a couple of sponsorships for the event, the two winners each won a brand new iPad 2.

The team of tight end Dustin Keller and running back Joe McKnight beat out quarterbacks Mark Brunell and Kevin O’Connell to win the iPads. You can see videos of the competition and the winners accepting their prizes, among other things on Facebook.

It’s pretty cool that the third-year quarterback Sanchez has put this all together. It’s clear he is quickly becoming a team leader, taking it upon himself to hold team workouts for his offense in the midst of the NFL lockout. The 24-year-old Sanchez has come a long way in a short period of time, both on the field and off the field. It’s awesome watching him develop.


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