2011 NFL Trade Rumors: Will the Seattle Seahawks Be Fishing for Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer?

By judewilmot

There once was a time when the name Carson Palmer meant something.

Conversations about the best QBs in football almost always included “that guy” that plays for Cincinnati, right!

Those were the days when Palmer’s scruffy face graced the covers of big name magazines.

He also made appearances in a few (one?) commercials; does anyone else remember that John Morrell hotdog ad?

That was all before that tragic day when the Bengals’ hopes for a playoff advancement came crashing to a halt.

In 2005––Palmersr’s third year in the NFL––Cincinnati earned their stripes finishing the season 11-5, and snagging a Wild Card spot against the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

On the very first Bengal  pass play––a 66-yarder to WR Chris Henry––Steeler nose tackle, Kimo Von Oelhoffen, dove at Palmer, making contact with one of his knees.

The hit led to Palmer’s immediate departure from the game.

He would not return and Cincinnati would go on to lose by a final score of 31-17.

It was later revealed that Palmer had sustained a devastating  injury; two torn ligaments.

After that fateful day, Palmer & Co. would return to the same familiar, lackluster team fans were so used to.

Palmer has since shown flashes of his former self, but not enough to regain the headline grabbing attention he once held.

At 31, Palmer has settled into the “middlehood” of his career; locked in a standstill, staring down a diverging path.

Rumors of the nine-year vet desiring to go elsewhere have run rampant in the world of football.

Several sources have revealed the disgruntled slinger’s desire to leave his longtime team, by force if necessary; translating to, ‘trade me or I will retire so fast it will make your heads spin.’

So, what now?

Will Cincinnati bigwigs show mercy and cave, collecting whatever they can get for the cage-rattled Bengal?

Or, will they call his move by playing mean warden, ripping up his contract and giving him the ol’ heave ho?

If the first option becomes a reality could we see a move that would send him to the Seahawks?

After this year’s somewhat shocking NFL draft conundrum, where the ‘Hawks selected (a reach?)  Alabama OT, James Carpenter, in the first round––who knows what’s next!

It’s been reported by former pro QB, present ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer, that Hass’ rejected a contract extension right before the lockout started back in March.

Causing a lot of head scratching for team fans moving into the 2011-12 season.

Could Carson Palmer be the Head-and-Shoulders for their itchy scalp, or will their hairless champion return overpaid and ready to carry Seattle to a few more wins on his age-weary legs?

Your guess is as good as mine.











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