Miami Dolphins draft grade

By chriswalsh

*Note: Computer viruses make me sick.

The Miami Dolphins had yet another average draft. Not making too many big splashes, drafting efficient, not flashy.

The ‘Fins went with an obvious pick right off the bat with Mike Pouncey, the Florida guard turned center. The pundits have Pouncey staying at center in Miami, but after seeing his work many a times at Florida, I hope we start him off at guard.

After passing on Mark Ingram in the first, Miami needed to make a move for a top tier running back. I attended the Oklahoma State Pro Day and had a feeling Miami was looking at RB Kendall Hunter.

Miami, however, went for a different Big 12 back in Daniel Thomas. The Dolphins gave up a good bit to get back into the second round, but they addressed their two glaring needs early on.

Thomas was a strong back, but again, Miami will need to pair him with somebody. Think bruiser, not speedster.

Miami then began looking for a diamond in the rough in the fourth round, taking a WR from a little known school in Abilene Christian. Looking at Edmond Gates, he’s under 6-feet tall and doesn’t look too much different from what Miami has now.

I also saw Miami’s sixth round pick in person, Tulsa fullback Charles Clay. I am a big fan of the bruiser Miami already has, but Clay could make the team thanks to a run-first mentality that the ‘Fins will be putting in.

Finally, Miami wrapped up the draft with two defensive players late in the seventh round. The Dolphins took DT Frank Kearse and CB Jimmy Wilson.

Kearse is from Alabama A&M and Wilson is from Montana. Either the Dolphins have a great scouting department, or D-2 players are all the rave this season.

If these little known players exceed, Miami will look like the smartest team in America. Pouncey was key though.

Grade: B

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