Dolphins will make a splash in Free Agency

By chriswalsh

That is, if there is a free agency.

Miami will start it off by looking at quarterbacks. The rumor mill has basically pegged the Bengals’ Carson Palmer as the go-to guy for this one. I’m not totally against it, as long as he can stay healthy and develop a good relationship with Brandon Marshall.

The other name being thrown around is the Eagles’ Kevin Kolb. I am not a big fan of this for a couple of reasons.

First off, Kolb is still a relative unknown on the field. His situation is very familiar to Matt Cassel, but the former Pats QB had a good season to be seen. Kolb still hasn’t played a full one.

Palmer is a vet, and as Miami saw a couple of years ago, a vet QB is a very good thing. No more need to develop.

The other position Miami may key on is running back. The ‘Fins drafted Daniel Thomas, but there a few names out there that they could be interested in.

One is DeAngelo Williams, the Panthers RB who only played in six games last year. When healthy though, he’s been a beast, especially on the fantasy level.

The other could be Reggie Bush, who seems to be trying to tweet his way out of New Orleans.

Watch for these two positions to see a lot of change this offseason, if it ever officially begins.

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