Matt Leinart Joining Seattle Seahawks and Reuniting With Pete Carroll?

Numerous former USC players have already been linked to the Seattle Seahawks this offseason–mainly because of head coach Pete Carroll. Now, it appears there’s a new player to add to that list–former USC quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart.

According to Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News, Carroll and the Seahawks have spoken to Leinart about coming on board next season. After things didn’t work out with the Arizona Cardinals, Leinart signed a one-year deal with the Houston Texans last season to be the third-string quarterback behind Matt Schaub and Dan Orlovsky–so he would clearly have a better shot at playing time in Seattle.

The Seahawks are one of numerous teams in need of a quarterback this offseason (even though Leinart may not be the best answer) and could still trade for a veteran once the lockout comes to an end. After passing on a quarterback in this year’s draft, it appears the Seahawks quarterback for next season will be either Matt Hasselbeck–if he re-signs with the team–or Charlie Whitehurst.

If the Seahawks have in fact talked to Leinart about coming on board for 2011, this could be the best and final shot for the former USC standout to earn a starting job in the NFL. Leinart clearly never lived up to his hype after the Cardinals signed him to a massive six-year deal in 2006–so Seattle could be his last chance to prove himself. Plus, if this does happen, Leinart would get to face the Cardinals twice next season–which could be entertaining to watch if he earns the starting job.

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  • arizonawingnut

    Kurt Warner couldn’t mentor him into the NFL, so it’s unlikely that Matt Hasselbeck will be any more successfull. And they are both great QB’s. It’s like teaching a rock to swim.

    Go home Matt. Oh that’s right, Papa Petey is there…. good luck. One thing for sure, this move will increase the Cards chances.

    • alan

      there’s a huge difference between the personalities of warner and hasselbeck, my opinion is lienhart is good, should be great someday. It’s obviously the coaching staff, you had fitzjerald and boldin and a few others and you’re still not superbowl champs, look a little deeper.


    I think the players are in the WRONG….they signed a contract they need to live up to that contract…as far as them (the players) saying what the do on the field is what is making the owners the money…TRUE…but it is that way in any business. the employees make the money for the owner..when they do good they get a raise…the difference here verses the real world is that if you do good you have the great opportunity to renegotiate a contract before you complete the contract..SO STOP the WHINNING>>>>>

    • Joe

      Hector, it was the OWNERS who voided the contract (collective bargaining agreement) NOT THE PLAYERS. The owners reason was that they could no longer operate financially under the agreement negotiated and signed by the parties. I agree with your rant that you should live up to a signed contract, you just have the facts wrong as to who is not living up to their word. That would be the owners.

    • mike

      Hector have you read anything about this issue? The contract is expiring. The players are happy with the old contract it is the owners who are forcing a new contract by LOCKING the players out. This is not, repeat, NOT a strike. The owners are asking for more money. The players are not asking for one dime more then that contract you say they should live up to. Hector do a little reading or at least watch some sports news.

    • Mike

      Hector…..before writing a comment, get your facts straight. The owners backed out of the contract, not the players. The players were happy with the contract. In fact, they are not even asking for anything. The owners are the greedy ones in this mess and want more. Pay attention and maybe you wont look like a window licker for sharing your ill advised thoughts.

  • Mike

    Explain what an NFL contract is? As it stands, an owner can cut a player and not pay the contract. I would be on the owners’ side if they honored their contracts with the players. Maybe the players in return would not try to constantly re-negotiate for a guaranteed signing bonus every couple of years.
    Settling these items would go a long way toward a less hostile atmosphere. While at it, BOTH sides should give a generous percentage to the retired players fund. The way the older retirees are treated is a disgrace to both players and owners.

  • Conner

    To Hector,
    …SIGH the OWNERS voided the contract you fool

    • Mike

      Shouldn’t matter, the owners still own the team and have ALL the expenses… The players need to shut up and go back to work or go get a real job and see what there wages are there!!! Way over paid as it is… Not even any fun to watch anymore, and the crooked College football is even worse!!!

  • Sheesh

    Hector I dont understand what you are ranting about, If it is about Leinart he was cut he has satisfied his contractual obligations. If it is about the NFL Lockout you again are off a little bit. The players aren’t on strike and refusing to honor their agreement the owners have locked them out and in actuality they are not honoring their contract. Either way you are a little off base.

  • Traumatizer

    Ahhh the 1 2 punch of Whithurst and Leinart! …and with the first pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft the Seattle Seahawks select_______ Hint it will be a LUCKy choice.

  • Brian

    I have my doubts about this move. He didn’t do well at all in Arizona; what makes anyone think he will do any better for the Seahawks? While I agree that this opportunity would be his best and last chance to prove himself, I don’t think he will.

  • arizonawingnut

    Kind of funny how folks just ignore the storyline of the article. The lockout, players, owners, yadda yadda is well covered on other threads.

    I thought this was about Matt Leinert going to the Sea Squawks. I said my part.

    Go Tampa Bay LIGHTENING!!!!

  • BootlegMike

    Matt was screwed by an overtly control freak coach. Whisenhunt tried the same tactics on Ben Roethlisberger and had a cold relationship with him as his offensive coordinator. And if the Whis is such an outstanding coach why didnt his organization the steelers higher him over a 1yr defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin? truth is big Ben couldnt play for Whisenhunt either.