Miami tried for Mallett

By chriswalsh

Phew, that was close.

According to The Miami Herald, the ‘Fins nearly drafted Ryan Mallett, the oft-troubled Arkansas QB that was eventually drafted by division rival New England.

Miami didn’t want him in the first – They took center Mike Pouncey.

They didn’t want him in the second – They traded back into the round to take RB Daniel Thomas.

They wanted him in the third. But they didn’t have a 3rd round pick, they gave it away to get Thomas.

The unnamed source said Miami tried to trade back into the round to pick him, but couldn’t work it out.

Again, phew.

It is said in the story the Miami brass didn’t want to take him in the 2nd, because he would be a presumed starter and the ‘Fins didn’t feel he was nearly ready for that.

I agree 100%.

Plus, Miami doesn’t have the luxury of a strong vet for Mallett to develop behind, they have Chad Henne, who may be fighting for a job should they bring a free agent in this summer.

Neat story, so glad it didn’t pan out. Let’s just hope all those late small-school picks eventually do.

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