Eagles New Guard Danny Watkins Already a Celebrity in Philadelphia

By Bryn Swartz

Danny Watkins was the first-round draft pick by the Philadelphia Eagles two weeks ago. He has never played in an NFL game and even when he does, he won’t be one of the most recognizable players.

Yet Watkins says that he can’t even walk down a street in Philadelphia without being recognized.

In an interview with Warren Henderson of his hometown paper, the Kelowna Capital News, Watkins shared his first impression of his new home, Philadelphia.

“I can’t walk down the road without someone walking up to me and asking for a picture and start talking to me,” said Watkins. “It’s not bad, I don’t mind it. But after a while it gets a little much. We went out for lunch and I went out to wash my hands, and the security guy had to come and get me because I couldn’t make it back. I know they really appreciate that I was a blue-collar guy and you don’t want to be rude. I’ll just have to get used to it.”

Watkins has since headed back to Canada and is working with the same trainers he’s been with for the past five years. He will soon come back to Philadelphia in an attempt to find a place to live in the city he will hopefully be playing in for the next decade.

Watkins also shared what it was like for him to meet Eagles quarterback Michael Vick at the NovaCare Complex.

“I was pretty impressed that he was there,” Watkins said of Vick. “It speaks to his character that he was there waiting that he was excited to meet me and expressed his excitement, you know shoring up the offensive line a bit and he explained to me that we, the O-line, is his No. 1 insurance policy, so he likes to care of us. I’m pretty excited to work with him.”

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