Oakland Raiders' Players Up to Par With Other NFL Teams

By ezraruiz

Just a quick check-up here. The Raiders are getting little-to-no publicity during this NFL Lockout, just the way Al Davis likes it.

Fans are getting worried that the roster isn’t working out as a unit and therefore will be behind when the Lockout ends. As I posted in an earlier piece, Oakland is doing just fine when it comes to working out together.

Hue Jackson also seemingly did a good job getting out playbooks, and players who didn’t receive theirs should have no problem getting a copy from a teammate’s.

Also, this is a hard-working football team. Players are working out every day and let it be known on Twitter. Remember: these guys are professionals now. They know what’s expected of them as NFL players.

Basically what I’m saying is that the Raiders are up to par with other teams during the lockout. So, to answer the question many are asking: No, this lockout isn’t hindering Oakland any more than other franchises.

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