Panthers TE Jeremy Shockey Participates in Scotland's Drambuie Pursuit; Team Finishes Fourth Overall

By Dan Parzych

This offseason, the NFL has seen plenty of their players participate in different sports while waiting for the lockout to end–with one of the most recent athletes being Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco’s experience with bull riding. As for Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey, he decided to spend part of his time this offseason  participating in a 100-mile race through the Scottish Highlands.

ESPN’s Kelley Carter discussed on Monday how Shockey led Team USA in the Drambuie Pursuit 2011 race as a way to pass the time during the lockout. The race consists of numerous events–including white-water rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, anddune buggy racing–to retrace Bonnie Prince Charlie’s journey from 1745 when he traveled through Scotland to escape the British government.

While this event may seem as a challenge (especially for this writer), Shockey–who is Scotch-Irish–saw this as an opportunity to visit a place he’s never been before.

“I’m Scotch-Irish. A lot of my family members have been over to this country and to Ireland and I had never been,” Shockey said in the ESPN interview. “I’ve been working hard in this offseason, so…I wanted to come over here, see Ireland and Scotland and see where my bloodline comes from and see relatives.”

Of course, just because Shockey is off having fun in another country doesn’t mean he’s not preparing for the 2011 season. Shockey realizes he has a lot of work on his plate as one of the newest members of the Panthers–his third team after stints with the New York Giants and New Orleans Saints–and has been studying his new playbook to prepare for next season.

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