Thomas Jones VS Jamaal Charles

By Chris Ransom

I think Charles is clearly the better back, but Jones was the #1 back on the Chiefs depth chart.  This is clearly the best 1 2 running back tandem in the NFL.  Regardless of who gets a majority of carries both backs should see lots of touches this season for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jones has been #1 on the depth chart and Todd Haley feels like Jones is the better back.  Jones may be the #1 back on the depth chart, but I expect Charles  to get more carries than Jones.

Fans love Jamaal Charles and say that he doesn’t get enough carries.  While that may be true the Chiefs are limiting his carries so they get more long term production with Jamaal Charles.  The Chiefs had similar experiments with Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson.  Neither back panned out in the long term despite succeeding in the short term.  That’s why what the Chiefs are doing with Charles is smart by limiting his carries.

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