2011 NFL Free Agency: Seattle Seahawks Need Mathias Kiwanuka

By judewilmot

Now that the 2011 NFL draft is over and done with, what will the Seattle Seahawks do in the free agency arena, if anything?

Right now, besides needing a QB, they are hurting for speed on the defensive line.

One of the most nagging spots being defensive end.

If the ‘Hawks were to use free agency as an opportunity to get some help at that position, their best option would be 28-year-old Mathias Kiwanuka.

Last year the 6’-5″, 265 lb New York Giant, was out all but three games of the season with a herniated disc.

He has since had surgery and is expected to be one hundred percent ready for next season.

Kiwanuka is one of the fastest DEs in the league, capable of providing a strong pass rush, and flushing QBs out of the pocket.

This is something the Seahawks failed to execute last season, allowing opposing teams to run and pass on them virtually  at will.

If the ‘Hawks can seal a deal with “Nuke” they will bolster their “D” and start looking like a contending team, instead of a miracle team that makes it to the playoffs with one of the worst records in the league.




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