Nnamdi Asomugha Against Playing For Houston Texans?

By Dan Parzych

Once the lockout comes to an end, Nnamdi Asomugha is expected to be one of the most sought-after free agents for teams in need of help at the cornerback position. Despite their desperate need at cornerback, the Houston Texans can cross Asomugha off their list of potential free agents to pursue–mainly because he’s simply not interested in joining the squad.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle claims Asomugha has no interested in joining the Texans–which is a shame considering how much last year’s 31st ranked passing defense could use the Pro Bowler. Houston recently used one of their second (Brandon Harris) and fourth (Rashad Carmichael) round picks in April’s draft on cornerbacks–but that doesn’t mean they still don’t need help at the position.

From Justice’s article:

Word is Asomugha doesn’t want any part of our little corner of paradise. Really? Well, buddy boy, I’ve got about 30 million reasons you might just change your mind.

Listen, I’m against building a team with free agents, too. Free agency is for filling that final spot, for going out and getting the guy who gets you to the playoffs or wins you a championship.

He’s that guy. He would give Wade Phillips great flexibility. He’d make the pass rush better. He’d make Kareem Jackson better. Heck, he’d make Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson better because they’d be a lot less likely to have to score 30 points to win.

Clearly–this writer believes Asomugha may be the missing piece to get the Texans over the hump and help the team make their first playoff appearance in franchise history. There’s no question Asomugha would be a great pickup for the Texans–but he would also come at a hefty price considering the soon to be former Oakland Raider is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. Then again, money may not even be the main issue in this case, but the reasoning as to why Asomugha has no interest with coming to Houston is obviously the biggest concern.

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