Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett and Leon Washington Will Improve.

By judewilmot

Will the Seattle Seahawks’ running game be any better next season.

Marshwan Lynch, Justin Forsett and Leon Washington, are all expected to return to the lineup next season.

Last year the triple-threat turned out to be far from intimidating, posting statistics on the ground that landed them almost dead last in the league.

If there is anything that has been learned about having three competing backs unable to produce, it’s that it most likely was a matter of poor blocking.

Fans are expecting to see greater results in the running game this season, with the addition of two early round offensive line draft picks, Alabama OT, James Carpenter and Wisconsin G, John Moffitt.

They are also looking for last year’s top first round pick OT, Russell Okung to remain healthy, and also provide some much needed help.

If each of these players start and can give the team the push they need, expect to see one of the leagues worst running teams surface as one of the best.

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