NFL Expert Sal Paolantonio Says Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals is "A Slam Dunk As Much As You Can Have a Slam Dunk"

By Bryn Swartz

When the NFL lockout concludes, there is a virtual guarantee that the Philadelphia Eagles will trade quarterback Kevin Kolb to the highest bidder.

Many have predicted that Kolb will go to one of the NFC West teams, like the Arizona Cardinals or the Seattle Seahawks. The Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins have been mentioned as possibilities.

But the majority of people, including me, believe that Kevin Kolb will be traded to the Arizona Cardinals before the 2011 season.

In fact, ESPN’s Philadelphia Eagles reporter Sal Paolantonio stated today that Kolb being traded to the Arizona Cardinals is “a slam dunk as much as you can have a slam dunk.” Sports Illustrated writer Peter King originally tweeted the information earlier today.

ESPN’s NFL expert Adam Schefter has stated that the Eagles will get more than just a first round pick for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

I am hearing rumors that Kolb will be traded for a first round pick and a second or third round pick in 2012. I’ve also heard speculation that the Eagles want a first round pick and a defensive player.

And then there’s my theory, that the Eagles are trading Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals for star cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

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