Steve Smith to Raiders Could Do Wonders in Oakland

As I pointed out in an earlier post, wide receiver Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers appears to be out of town. The California native reportedly has two teams whom he’d love to get traded to: The Oakland Raiders and their hated rival, the San Diego Chargers.

Smith is considered by most as a guy who might help turn a franchise around and definitely could bring a team a few extra wins. The Raiders are a franchise that, with some extra victories, could make extreme noise in the playoffs.

Oakland also has an extremely young receiving corps who could definitely use a polished veteran like Smith.

Sounds like a match in heaven, and I think it is.

What Smith would bring to the Raiders is a proven number one receiver who could come in and energize a somewhat lackluster fan base. He’s got Raider attitude and is a feisty player.

Oakland is on the verge of a playoff berth, and Smith would surely push them over the top.

He provides an excellent combination with the lengthy guys, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Chaz Schilens, while giving a double threat with speedster Jacoby Ford.

Smith would come significantly cheap, and the Raiders would do well to acquire him. Even just to make sure that San Diego doesn’t.

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  • Jeffro of the Raider Nation

    Please go out and get Steve Smith(Carolina) Pretty please!

  • GoRaiders19

    Steve Smith to Oakland. That would absolutely bring another dimension to the raiders offense. They’ve had decent receivers in the past, but no one to throw the damn ball. Its been over 10yrs since ive been this excited about an up and coming season. With the additions to our secondary made in the off season, 9-7 is my prediction for this year. No substitute for speed, thank you Tom Cable you will be missed.

  • SnBAttack

    I am going to second both Jeffro and GoRaiders19, but with Steve Smith I will up the ante on GoRaiders19 and predict 10-6 for the Raiders, knocking the Chargirls outta there. A Cali native, a college record setter at University of Utah (my home state.. Go Utes!!), a veteran Pro Bowl and All Pro receiver AND at a good price? A no brainer Big Al… I would also go as far to say that Smith could have a couple more 1,000 yard seasons, or close to it, as a Raider while mentoring the younger receivers. If San Diego gets him, he will hurt the Raiders bad, especially if we lose Asomugha, which I hope doesn’t happen. If we somehow, miraculously, keep Asomugha AND get Smith, I will even one up the 10-6 to 11-5.