Bradford Practicing With Ben McDaniels Is A Brilliant Move

By stevengerwell

There’s nothing concrete at this point, but speculation suggests that the Rams’ second year quarterback Sam Bradford is practicing under the guidance of Ben McDaniels, who is the brother of the team’s newly hired offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

This theory has been supported by the St. Louis Rams’ beat writer Jim Thomas (St. Louis Post-Dispatch).

Thomas gave wings to this rumor during recent online chats with the fans, where he stated:

“This is one rare occasion where I wouldn’t necessarily dispute the conspiracy theorists”

If this rumor is in fact the truth, then the brilliance does not solely stem from the fact that Ben is knowledgeable of Josh McDaniels’ play book.

Since the players are locked out, they are forbidden from communicating with coaches and team officials. And since Ben McDaniels is not employed by the Rams, or by any other team, his work with Bradford (and the other players) would be allowed.

Some fans questioned the Rams’ front office for not hiring a quarterback coach after hiring Josh McDaniels, but their failure to do so may have been their most impressive move of the offseason.

It’s possible, and even expected, that Ben is a front runner for the quarterback coach position.

If so, the Rams are receiving a benefit that no other NFL team has- the ability to learn a new offense under the guidance of a coach, despite the lockout.



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