Drew Brees hands ball off to running back Mark Ingram

By Philthy

Of course it was just in a player-led practice at Tulane University, but it is still a big step for the black and gold. Wednesday marked the first time that the Saints first-round pick practiced with the roughly 40 Saints players who have gotten together over the offseason to stay in shape despite the lockout.

Ironically, Ingram had been working out in New Orleans while the Saints players had been undergoing their own workouts. Before he was even a member of the Saints, he had been working out in the Big East to prepare for the draft, so it was only fitting that the Saints traded up in the first round to select him to add some stability to their inconsistent and oft-injured running back corps.

It’s a small nugget in the tortoise-paced offseason due to the lockout, but the fact that Ingram is getting reps with the team is a big development for the team. It’s good seeing more and more players staying and shape and building camaraderie despite the lockout. And besides, the sight of Brees handing the ball off to Ingram is something Saints fans should get used to.

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