Eagles QB Michael Vick Speaks With Local High School Students About Changing Life Around

By Dan Parzych

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick recently took some time out of his day to speak with students at Martin Luther King High School about how he’s turned his life around since spending 18 months in prison for his involvement in dogfighting–providing them with advice on how to avoid the troubled life he used to live.

The Associated Press reported on Friday how Vick discussed numerous topics with the students about his journey back to the NFL after–with the topics ranging from dogfighting to how he believes there’s still plenty of work left when it comes to changing his life around. However, nothing may have been more important than when Vick told the students how difficult it was to avoid hanging out with old friends.

“Getting away from all the people that I was used to being around every day, that I thought had general love for me (was tough),” Vick told the students on Thursday. “The hardest decision was just dedicating my life to change.”

As everyone knows, Vick pleaded guilty to conspiracy of dogfighting back in 2007 and has done everything in his power to turn his life around since then. Vick joined the Eagles prior to the 2009 season and played a major role in helping the team win the NFC East title last season after taking over the starting job at quarterback for Kevin Kolb–who suffered a concussion against the Green Bay Packers in Week 1.

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