Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick: "Hardest Decision of My Life Was Just Dedicating My Life to Change"

By Bryn Swartz

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick spoke to some inner-city students at Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He says that the toughest decision of his life, after his release from prison in the summer of 2009, has been staying away from old friends who have not influenced him in ways that benefit him. He urged the students to avoid a similar fate that he did.

“Getting away from all the people that I was used to being around every day, that I thought had general love for me (was tough),” Vick said. “The hardest decision was just dedicating my life to change.”

But Vick says he has not yet made it, despite restoring both his life and his NFL career in the past two years.

“Once I get a Super Bowl under my belt, and I sit back and I’m a proud parent, then I’ll know I’ve made it,” he said.

Vick was asked by a student if he gets tired of talking about his experiences in prison and his role in an illegal dog fighting ring.

“I get tired of talking about the prison experience, but you know, it’s therapeutic to me,” he said. “(Prison) made me a better person. I probably wouldn’t change a thing in my life.”

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