Animal Rights Group Buys Michael Vick's Former Dogfighting Compound

By Bryn Swartz

An animal rights group has purchased the former dogfighting home of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. They plan to turn it into a rehabilitation center for chained and penned dogs.

The five bedroom home was bought by Dogs Deserve Better of Tipton, Pennsylvania for approximately $600,000.

“I think by us overtaking this property we are winning for the dogs. We are, in essence, giving this property back to the dogs that were abused there by using it to help other dogs just like them,” said Tamira Thayne, the group’s founder.

Thayne says that she has not had any contact with Vick and she isn’t sure what she would say to him if she did. But a filmmaker plans to take Vick back to the property where the dogfighting has occurred.

After buying the house, the group’s ultimate goal is to raise $3 million to fully pay for the site, install fencing, and build a facility for the dogs.

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