Brian Hoyer Enters Contract Year

By Chris Ransom

I believe next to Tom Brady that Brian Hoyer is the best quarterback on the roster.  I think he is a quality backup who deserves a chance at the starting job when Brady retires, but the New England Patriots may not resign him.

Look at the big picture in New England.  Why would Bill Belicheck go out and get a quarterback like Mallett if he believed Hoyer was a long term answer?  It seems like New England has a garage sale with their backup quarterbacks every 2 years.  Drew Bledsoe after he got bumped down to backup, Rohan Davey a disapointing 2002 4th round pick, Doug Flutie, Matt Cassel who went to the Chiefs, Kevin O Connell drafted in the 3rd round in 2008 and then gone entering this year, now you Brian Hoyer’s contract expiring along with Jonathan Crompton who is on New England’s practice squad.

Given New England’s track record of trying to find a suitable backup for Brady its safe to say that the New England Patriots will probably part ways with Hoyer after this year and give Mallett the backup job in the long run because Belicheck would not have took Mallett if he had any faith in Hoyer being a successful backup or starter down the road.

I think this would be a huge mistake because I believe Mallett lacks the intangibles while Hoyer could blossom like Matt Cassel did from sitting behind Tom Brady, but we will see what happens here with the New England Patriots as Hoyer enters his contract year.

Hoyer isn’t just playing for his job, he is also playing for his career because if he screws up this year he’s probably not going to get a second chance moving forward.

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