Miami Dolphins have CRAZIEST owner

By chriswalsh


USA Today picked it up, the worldwide leader did a biting piece and yet, it’s still sort of flown under the radar.

Stephen Ross may be insane. The reasons why culminated in his words about the strike this week.

“We negotiate with unions all the time, and there are issues there,” Ross said in a USA Today article. “But they’re not the same types of issues. When you’re dealing with guys earning over $1 million a year — the average is, what, $1.87 million? — you’re not talking about the same kind of labor issues. Are these really labor issues? These are not labor issues. There should be no sympathy in the labor movement in America for these ballplayers. It’s a different deal.”

That’s a good one, here’s another:

“Who the hell wants to own a team and not play?” Ross said. “It’s about having a system that works. It’s not about a bunch of greedy owners. It’s a bunch of players looking to see how much they can really get.”

Are you kidding me? I mean, seriously, I hope this isn’t the view point of all the owners, but I am afraid it is.

Let’s look at a quick list of Ross’ moves since taking over the team in 2008.

Opening up a yard sale for stadium name rights, first bought by parrothead Jimmy Buffett. No seriously, LandShark Stadium was the name for a minute.

Then Sun Life bought in, so that’s the name, for now.

Ross then began shopping ownership like he did the rights to the stadium. Venus and Serena Williams, J-Lo and Gloria Estefan all bought in. Yep, that happened too.

Earlier this year Ross went shopping again, this time for a new head coach. Problem was, he already had one. No bother, he flew to California, got turned down by the other Harbaugh, and back to Miami with his tail between his legs.

All of the shopping sprees the billionare owner has gone on, this one may be his best. Shopping for sympathy for the NFL owners?


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