Michael Vick to Plaxico Burress Might Be More Realistic Than You Think

By Bryn Swartz

According to a report from New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, wide receiver Plaxico Burress told reporters this evening that there is no chance of him returning to the Giants next season.

Jacobs claims that Plaxico Burress would like to join the Philadelphia Eagles to play with Michael Vick.

“I would hate to see him go to where I think he is going to go, that is from talking to him,” Jacobs said of the Eagles when asked if he was talking about Philadelphia. “It is pretty tough to deal with all those different combinations. Plax is a Virginia guy, Vick is a Virginia guy. They went through sort of the same things and they got a lot of dynamic players down there. It wouldn’t be a bad thing, he thinks, to go down there.”

Several days ago, Michael Vick told reporters that Plaxico Burress would be a great fit for the Philadelphia Eagles. He says that he and Burress are friends and that they have spoken since Burress has been in prison.

Burress also said that he feels like Philadelphia is the best place for him.

And according to FOXSports’ Adam Caplan, Eagles head coach Andy Reid has always been impressed with Burress’s ability to beat coverage with his size. Caplan also says that he thinks the Eagles will make a run for Burress when free agency ends.

The move would make sense. According to Football Outsiders, the Eagles ranked just 14th in the NFL in touchdowns per red zone appearance in 2010, despite having superstar wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, and a solid target in Jason Avant.

If the Eagles do sign Burress, expect quarterback Michael Vick to be even more dominant during the 2011 season.

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