Louisiana Superdome gets fan-friendly facelift

By Philthy

Despite being one of the oldest NFL stadiums currently in use, the Louisiana Superdome is virtually brand new. Following the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, the state pumped millions upon millions of dollars into the stadium for upgrades, and the result is obvious. The stadium has a fan-friendly atmosphere and is still seen as a symbol for the city, and rebuilding effort after the hurricane.

Even with those upgrades, the Superdome was still a decent ways away from being totally “new.” Concourse areas across the stadium were often crowded and gates to enter the stadium could be jam-packed due to the small size of the entrances.

To counter that, the state and city further upgraded the Superdome this offseason. The concourses were widened throughout the stadium, the gates were made wider, and more work were done to the suites and press boxes near the top of the stadium. If there is a season in 2011 (fingers crossed), the Saints and the Superdome will be ready for whatever happens.

Recently, the Saints social media team was named won an award for being the best sports team social marketing. Then comes the upgrades to the stadium. With the great team that the Saints field, they may not have much room to improve in the future.

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