Pittsburgh Steelers All Pro Safety, Troy Polamalu, Suing Former Owner Of His Home

By tomjenkins

The Pittsburgh Steelers most recent Defensive Player Of The Year winner, Troy Polamalu, has many talents and accolades throughout his career, has millions in the bank, and has hair that makes most females on this Earth jealous.

What he doesn’t have, however, is a safe home for his family to reside. In December of 2010, just four short days before Christmas Day, a winter storm caused a landslide on his property, no one was hurt, but the house still remains a hazard for his family.

And what does the enigmatic safety do when his family is endangered? Does he intercept building permits and tackle the offenders into a jail cell? Well, no. But, close.

Polamalu and his wife, Theodora, have filed a lawsuit against Harry Rady, the previous owner of the Polamalu residence, because he added a 60×100 foot area in the back of the property without seeking out the official sanctions or permits.

Add to that that Rady didn’t even think it wise to have the addition inspected, then again, what good does an inspection do you if you never sought out the permits needed to build in the first place? That’s a lot like writing your name in the snow without a shovel, and then asking the owner of the home what he thinks of your handwriting.

The Polamalu’s want the contract they signed to be reversed due to the non-disclosure of the added property, and the assurance by Rady that the property was safe. They are also seeking a refund for the money spent on the house.

Like he protects the end zone on the field, Polamalu protects his family off of the field.

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