Rex Ryan Thinks Darrelle Revis Will Be the Best New York Jets Player Ever

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The best New York Jets player of all-time?

That’s what head coach Rex Ryan thinks that Darrelle Revis can be someday.

USA Today quoted Ryan’s praise of Revis from an upcoming episode of NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2011, where Revis’s ranking is yet to be announced.

“One day we’re gonna say that this is the best Jet in the history of the New York Jet franchise,” Ryan says on the program. “I believe that. And I think we’re gonna also see him in Canton one day.”

With all due respect to Joe Namath, Curtis Martin and others, it’s not really too crazy to me to hear Rex Ryan make that statement.

Many experts believe that Revis’s 2009 season was the greatest season a cornerback has ever had, especially with regards to the emphasis on illegal contact over the past decade.

In the biggest pass-happy period in football history, Revis has shown the ability to effectively take a team’s best receiver entirely out of the game.

Revis is still so young, it’s really a legitimate possibility that he could be looked as one of the all-time greats and a future Hall of Famer if he keeps up this pace.

Maybe Rex is on to something.


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