Center Jamaal Jackson Named Most Underrated Player on Philadelphia Eagles

By Bryn Swartz

According to a post by ESPN’s NFC East blogger Dan Graziano, Eagles center Jamaal Jackson is the team’s most underrated player.

Here are Graziano’s comments regarding Jackson:

“The Eagles’ offense has suffered through Jackson’s injuries late in the past two seasons, but neither the injuries nor the suffering are any coincidence. The Eagles don’t give Jackson much help, trusting him to block opposing defensive tackles one-on-one almost all the time. As a result, he wears down. But when healthy, he’s strong and athletic enough to handle the assignment. The offense simply runs better when he’s in there. Jackson plays a position in which it’s almost impossible to get noticed unless you mess something up, and when he’s on the field, he doesn’t.”

Here’s all I think you need to know about Jamaal Jackson.

At one point either before or during the 2009 season, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was asked to name the most important player on the team’s offense.

He didn’t pick star wide receiver DeSean Jackson or rookie stud Jeremy Maclin. He didn’t select tight end Brent Celek, who was enjoying a breakout season.

He didn’t go with star left tackle Jason Peters or rookie running back LeSean McCoy or All-Pro fullback Leonard Weaver.

McNabb selected Jamaal Jackson.

With two games left in the season, Jackson suffered a season-ending torn ACL. The offensive line was so horrendous for the next two games that McNabb spent most of the Cowboys’ games running for his life. The Eagles lost both games by a combined score of 58-14.

In 2010, Jackson suffered a season-ending triceps tear in the season opener against the Green Bay Packers. His absence to the Eagles was again monumental, although backup center Mike McGlynn did a decent job filling in for Jackson.

In 2011, Jamaal Jackson will be healthy, hopefully, for the first time since late in the 2009 season. His return to the offensive line will be enormous for the Eagles, who allowed quarterbacks Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb to be sacked a total of 49 times last year.

I completely agree with ESPN. Jamaal Jackson is easily the most underrated player on the Eagles.

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