Former Coach Tony Dungy Doesn't Expect Plaxico Burress to Join Philadelphia Eagles

By Bryn Swartz

Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, the mentor for Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, was asked his opinion on Plaxico Burress joining the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I don’t know that would be the case. He wants to be some place where he’s wanted, where he’s comfortable,” Dungy said, according to “I don’t think playing football is the most important thing for him now. He wants to play very badly and feels like he had two years to rest his body up, so he’ll be able to play. But just like with Mike, I think it becomes important but not the most important thing.”

Dungy’s prediction is likely correct. Burress could go to the Eagles but he probably won’t.

A place like St. Louis makes a lot of sense.

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