Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets Begin Full Team Workouts

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I guess you could call it “Jets East.”

According to multiple sources, the New York Jets gathered at an undisclosed location in New Jersey on Monday for the first day of full team workouts, led by third-year quarterback Mark Sanchez.

ESPN New York was the first to report about the so-called “lockout camp,” which is closed to fans and the media for security reasons.

The Jets did a pretty good job of keeping it quiet, as they were able to work out with reportedly 40 to 45 players in attendance without tipping off anybody as to where they were and when.

Although we don’t know exactly who was there and who wasn’t, we do know that these Jets players will work out again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

At any rate, it’s pretty cool that Sanchez organized something like this in the wake of the lockout. The Jets are not the only team who have had these team-wide workouts, but it’s the teams that are the most prepared that will be ready to go once the lockout ends.

Hopefully that’s soon…


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