How The End Of The Lockout Could Effect David Harris

By matthewfalkenbury

David Harris is the quiet guy of the Core Four Jets that have been ready to make a move towards AFC dominance.

Mark Sanchez, Darelle Revis and Nick Mangold all have gained a ton of popularity for not just being two of the best at their positions (Mangold and Revis) and for being the face of the franchise (Sanchez), but also cause the fans know they will be in Green & White for a long time to come.

The same for now can be said for David Harris as he was given the Franchise Tag before the Lockout was put into place and if the rules for Franchise Tags stays the same, the Jets will have another year of the Tackling Machine manning the middle for the Jets 3-4 Defense.

But things could change if the Lockout ends and the rules for Free Agency and Franchise Tags are different and could mean big problems for the Jets if for some reason Franchise Tag is taken out of the equation.

Harris is the most consistent member of the front seven for the Jets and has been someone who does his talking on the field and has barely said a peep off of it.

A second round pick out of the University of Michigan (my favorite college football team) and someone who has become a guy who could be alot like Ray Lewis in my humble opinion. (Yes I did mention the best MLB of my generation).

But with the Jets already having to deal with the Wide Reciever issues during the Free Agency period, whenever that opens up, having something like the Franchise Tag take a hike would be a huge blow to the Jets.

I don’t think that the owners would allow the NFLPA to get rid of the Franchise Tag, the NBA actually likes the idea so much that they may introduce something like that into their own union-owners dispute.

The Lockout could be coming to an end very soon and the ramifications of what is finally agreed upon will affect the Jets for now only the 2011 season, but for the next five seasons easily.

If Harris is allowed to get onto the open market, he can easily pass his teammates Bart Scott and Calvin Pace as the highest paid linebacker in football and its scary to think that it very easily could be on the open market.

At the end of the day, the Jets will need to address this situation within a year or so, and hopefully not sooner.

When the time comes for Harris to get that long term deal he deserves, I hope the Jets pony up and give him what makes sense for what he has given the team on the field and makes sense for the team to continue to be successful off of it.

Harris is one of the core four players and hopefully the lockout will end, he will still be under the Franchise Tag and he and the team can work out that Long-Term Deal he has earned with four years of Pro-Bowl caliber play from the Middle of the best defense in football.

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