Details of New NFL CBA Leaked; Lockout Nearing End

By Jeric Griffin

There are smoke signs coming from Chicago indicating the NFL lockout is nearing an end. The NFL owners’ and players’ long dispute has finally begun to formulate an agreement that will ensure football for at least the next six years. Several details of the collective bargaining agreement have leaked as the two sides draw closer to an official deal. Let’s just say the owners have backed off significantly from where they stood at the beginning of these negotiations that led to the lockout. Below are some of the basis points of the foundation of the new CBA:

  • Instead of the owners collecting 60 percent of annual NFL revenue along with a $1 billion credit, they will now collect 52 percent (and no more than 53.5 percent) and will not get an extra $1 billion credit like they originally proposed
  • The owners will still get some sort of extra credit designated specifically for building new stadiums and renovating existing ones
  • New rookie wage scale (not done yet) that will prevent rookies from making more than proven veterans
  • 16 regular season games on Thursday nights beginning in 2012
  • Teams will be required to spend a majority of the salary cap (90 percent) on player salaries
  • An 18-game regular season will be a negotiable item, but not mandated
  • The healthcare and pension benefits for retired players will double to $18 million by 2016
  • Players become unrestricted free agents after only four years instead of six

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