Proposed Free Agency Rules Could Hurt Jets

By matthewfalkenbury

According to ESPN-New York Jets Beat Writer, Rich Cimini, the proposed Free Agency rules that could come at the end of the lockout could put the Jets is a bad spot when it comes to who will be restricted and who will be an unrestricted free agent.

From Cimini In His Blog Post

ESPN’s team of reporters at the owners’ meetings Tuesday in Chicago is reporting that one of the items in the proposed CBA is unrestricted free agency after four credited seasons. If that is ratified and becomes part of a new CBA, it will have a significant impact on the Jets — not in a positive way.

Three of their top four free agents — WR Santonio Holmes, CB Antonio Cromartie and WR/KR Brad Smith — would be UFAs under those rules. Each has five credited seasons. In another words, hello, open market.

If the 2010 rules are in effect, each would be a restricted free agent. Because each player received a qualifying tender before the lockout, the Jets would be able to retain all three on a one-year contract. Good for the team, stinks for the players.

Braylon Edwards would not be effected either way because he has 6 years of service and will be a Free Agent no matter what.

Cimini does explain that the 2010 Rules being apart of the new CBA were “starting to fade” several weeks ago and most people believed that the pre 2010 Free Agency rules would be used.

If this does go through as reported, the Jets will have some serious checks to write and to be honest, you can say good bye to Brad Smith as you would think he would be the first one to be shown the door.

Cromartie to me is a must sign considering that even though he had his moments when in coverage, is still young enough and still talented enough to be a great player opposite Revis Island.

The debate if these rules go into effect is which Wide Reciever do you try to bring back first, Holmes or Edwards.

Both are great and I cant tell you who I want back over the other, cause I want them both back! But the reality of the business may make it very hard to do that.

In the end, my opinion is that if the rules reported are in place, Smith is a goner, Cromartie has to be a priority and a difficult decision will face the Jets when it comes to whom comes back between Edwards and Holmes.

Oh and like I wrote last night, dont forget about Mr. David Harris, who is not only deserving, but is gonna need a long term deal sooner rather then later.

I dont envy General Manager Mike Tannebaum, but I believe in him that he will do the right thing for the Franchise going forward.

Should be very interesting to see the road map he takes to hopefully get the Jets to the promise land after the CBA is finally agreed upon.

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