Best and Worst NFL Uniforms of All Time

By Jeric Griffin

Due to the NFL lockout, many sports writers and analysts are reverting to making lists rankings this and that in the league’s past and present. Uniforms have been a common trend over the past month or so and some guys’ lists are as dreadful as the uniforms they support. I know most older football fans love the classic look as do most in my generation. However, not all of the new, modern-looking outfits are as awful as they claim. Let’s compare a few, shall we?

Not all throwback uniforms are awesome. In fact, some of them are quite hideous. Team logos on the shoulder are not attractive. Even my beloved Dallas Cowboys’ originals in the 1960s are not the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.

However, the Cowboys’ throwbacks are worlds above the 1990s New England Patriots’ with what is commonly known as the “Flying Elvis” on the shoulders.

Likewise, the Denver Broncos’ vertically striped socks of the early 1960s that they brought back this past season should never have been printed.

The only team that can pull of the logo on the shoulder is the San Diego Chargers. Their baby blue jerseys with the gold lightning bolt are sharp. I don’t think anyone can argue that.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ old kelly green throwbacks are very nice as well.

Sticking with green, I personally like the New York Jets’ uniforms back when Joe Namath played.

Another legendary quarterback, Joe Montana, donned an awesome San Francisco 49ers uniform that was ruined after he left the team.

The Green Bay Packers’ uniforms really haven’t changed since the Super Bowl era began in 1967. Like their winning tradition, their look is classic.

I’m not a fan of orange, but I love the Cleveland Browns’ away uniforms with the brown pants. Brown in sports is just sexy.

The Atlanta Falcons hardly ever wear them, but their new red jerseys with their modern-looking black pants are possibly the cleanest uniforms in the league. Their old school all red look ain’t bad, either.

The Indianapolis Colts’ white and blue is timeless.

The Eagles’ new black jerseys are awesome with their dark green pants.

The Tennessee Titans have it going on. Their newest uniforms are dynamite as well as their old Houston Oilers outfits.

I’m also not huge on black and gold, but the New Orleans Saints look and play good these days. And with a fleur de lis on their helmets, how can they go wrong?

The Detroit Lions have always been classy. Their throwbacks are priceless except that there’s no logo on the helmet. That’s a huge pet peeve of mine, so I have to go with the midway throwbacks.

The Baltimore Ravens’ purple jerseys with their black pants are the staple of the NFL to me. Nothing looks so classy and modernly awesome at the same time.

Finally, I love the Cowboys’ current blue jerseys. I know many don’t, but they are my all-time favorite football jersey. Of course, I’m a little biased, but you still can’t beat that gorgeous blue with the star on the sleeve. Priceless.

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