Giants DE Justin Tuck Takes Shot at Eagles RB LeSean McCoy; Says Social Media Makes People 'Cowards'

By Dan Parzych

By now, just about everyone that follows the NFL knows about the Twitter war between Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy and New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Now, it appears Umenyiora’s teammate Justin Tuck is chiming in on the matter–along with expressing his opinion about the popular social media site.

In a recent interview with Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN Radio, Tuck discussed how Umenyiora and the rest of the Giants are taking McCoy’s comments “personally” and how the running back better be ready when the two teams meet next season. McCoy called Umenyiora “soft and overrated” a few weeks ago on Twitter–providing another spark to the already intense rivalry between the Eagles and Giants that is sure to make their two matchups next season even more interesting. Tuck also took the time during the interview to discuss how social media sites like Twitter are making some athletes look like “cowards”–with his main example obviously being McCoy.

Here’s what Tuck had to say during the interview courtesy of

I could not believe when LeSean McCoy called out your teammate Osi Umenyiora on twitter. What was your reaction to the Eagles running back calling out a Giants defensive lineman on twitter?

“Two things: One, yes we will take that personally and two he [LeSean McCoy] might want to watch some film before he starts talking about a defensive end of Osi’s quality. I don’t know where he would say something of that nature because honestly I think Osi’s stats back up the fact that he is a pretty good NFL football player.”

LeSean McCoy basically called Osi Umenyiora overrated, soft, and the third best defensive lineman on the team. Do you think it’s just the social media of today to have players do that now?

“I don’t know. I honestly think social media makes people cowards. Where I’m from if you have a problem with somebody you say it to their face. I think now people are hiding behind computers and smart phones to get out something. I’m use to like I said if you have a problem with a person you go tell it to their face. You don’t go blast it out so everybody in the world can see about it, so I don’t know. I don’t know what’s gotten into these young guys, but it is what it is. I think Osi handled it the right way and we’ll handle it on the football field when we get an opportunity.

After this interview by Tuck, it should be interesting to see if McCoy responds with anymore fighting words to keep this latest battle going.

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