If Reggie Bush leaves the Saints, he'll be cut, not traded

By Philthy

Due to the offseason lull caused by the NFL lockout, New Orleans Saints all-purpose offensive player Reggie Bush has been the source of much message board and radio talk show speculation.

The speculation on Bush’s future in Big Easy was rampant long before the team traded into the first round in the draft to select Mark Ingram, and well before Bush tweeted an ominous goodbye to New Orleans on draft night. Since he was the No. two overall player in the 2006 NFL draft, he was well-compensated with his first contract. A little too well compensated for his current role on the Saints roster, which is why he will likely either have to accept a pay cut to stick with the Saints or be handed his walking papers.

Since there is not a lot of NFL news going around due to the lockout, armchair general managers across the league are speculating who would be a good match for the Saints to trade Bush to. This talk is pure speculation, as Bush’s current contract makes him untradeable. After five years in the NFL, teams across the league know Bush’s game: that he’s a versatile offensive player that can be dangerous, but it not even close to worth the more than $10 million he will make next years.

Besides, every team knows that if he doesn’t renegotiate his contract, he’ll be released and become a free agent, making it useless to give up a draft pick or player to acquire his services when he can likely be had at a better contract without losing a pick.

It will be interesting to see how the Bush saga in New Orleans ends once the lockout is lifted, but one thing is certain: if he’s not with the Saints in 2011, it’s because he was released, not traded.

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