How Chad Ochocinco Could Fit With The Cleveland Browns

The NFL off season has been full of speculation and uncertainty. Teams from all around the league are finalizing roster decisions and trying to make the moves that will help their organizations reach the Super Bowl in 2012. For the Cleveland Browns, the 2011 off season has been slightly more controversial. The Browns fired Eric Mangini after the 2010-11 season despite the oncoming lockout and have not had any contact with the players since the second day of the NFL Draft.

The Cincinnati Bengals have been in a similar situation as the Browns in the past few months as Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco seem to be on their way out of town. Ochocinco seems to be the more intriguing of the two as Browns fans know their team is looking for help at the wide receiver position. So would Chad fit with the Browns organization?

Ochocinco has played in Cleveland’s division since he was drafted into the league and knows the divisional competition very well. The Browns are also well aware of his talents as they have seen him twice a year.

Ochocinco may be a considered a distraction to some fans around the league, but his play in recent years has shown a stronger commitment to the game. Ocho also requires at least a double team on defense which can open up the doors for the younger receivers in the Browns’ offense. Players like Greg Little and Mohammed Massaqoui could only benefit from having a key receiver on the active roster. Especially one that has had a record of making other receivers better.

In 2010, Ochocino posted low numbers compared to other seasons, but helped teammate, Terrell Owens, achieve his best numbers since his days with the Philadelphia Eagles. Ochocino was also a large piece in the development of Jordan Shipley before his injury in week 4.



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  • Jim

    You have got to be out of your mind… Chad Johnson is a cancer and a nutcase. He does not fit the personality / attitude profile that this club is putting together for the current & future team. Unlike most fans & writers, I believe they have the receivers that they need already on the roster and adding an Ochocinco would hamper their evaluation and development. The Browns aren’t about to make the playoffs this year, so the ONLY reason to consider a veteran WR is a mentor for the young group who doesn’t need a lot of playing time. Ocho is not a mentor that I want our young receivers patterning themselves after and he’s not going to sit happily on the bench. This is one of the worst articles / opinions I’ve seen from a Browns sports writer in a long time… and that’s saying something!

    • Brian Murtaugh

      A cancer? Name one teammate of Ochocino’s that complained about his antics while he has been in the league. (other than Palmer) His teammates view him as a good person and the things he does have never been completely out of line compared to some of the other players in the league. What other man can jump in the dawg pound then go and shake the hands of the players after the game? That’s right, nobody