No Saints players named on 'Least Valuable' list

By Philthy

After decades of being the league’s laughingstock, the New Orleans Saints have finally gotten to the point where they are among the NFL’s elite. Since Sean Payton came to the Big Easy in 2006, he has slowly changed the culture surrounding the team and has brought in quality players who perform both on and off the field.

While it is only a small sample, a recent list on shows some of the progress the Saints have made in recent years. In a ranking of the least valuable players in the league, not a single Saints player was on the list.

This doesn’t seem like a big deal, unless you’ve been a fan of the New Orleans Saints for years. After suffering by having Aaron Brooks at the helm for years, wasting great draft picks on Russell Erxleben, Johnathan Sullivan and Alex Molden, it is refreshing to see a woebegone franchise like the Saints become reborn and have quality players on their team that don’t rank among the worst in the league.

On another note, a former Saint and Louisiana native topped the list. Jake Delhomme, the former Saints backup quarterback, was named the least valuable player in the league.

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