Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy Selected to ESPN's Dream Team of Tomorrow

By Bryn Swartz

ESPN put together a project in which each division’s blogger picked one player from each of the four NFL teams for a “dream team of tomorrow”, specifically for the 2014 to 2016 seasons.

NFC East blogger Dan Graziano selected Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, Washington Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo, and New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

And from the Philadelphia Eagles?

Well, he picked the one player that I would have selected. It’s the guy who topped my list of the ten players from the Philadelphia Eagles who I would pick if I was starting an NFL team.

Running back, LeSean McCoy.

Here is Graziano’s description: “Why McCoy and not the Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw? Well, because I picked Nicks for the Giants, and because I think McCoy has a better chance to hold up over the next three-to-six years. Not only is he already a reliable focal point of the Eagles’ offense, he gets to be that in a way that doesn’t wear him down. They don’t run him between the tackles excessively. They don’t ask as much of him in pass protection as the Giants do of Bradshaw. And they have enough other offensive weapons that he doesn’t get overworked. McCoy has the talent, and the chance to make it to 2014 as a relatively unscathed 26-year-old back.”

Here is my justification for McCoy at number one: “It wasn’t an obvious choice, but McCoy is probably the one Eagles player who I would pick if I were starting a keeper team. Why? First of all, he’s extremely young. He is younger now than many players who were drafted this year. He’s played two seasons but he isn’t a 300-carry a season back so he shouldn’t wear down like a Larry Johnson. He’s a virtual clone of Brian Westbrook with the potential to be even better. And running back is one of the most important positions in the National Football League. McCoy has the chance to be the face of the Eagles’ franchise for the next six to eight seasons.”

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