HBO Cancels 'Hard Knocks' This Season Due to Lockout

By Dan Parzych

For months, NFL fans have wondered which team will be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks after numerous teams were offered to be featured on the hit series, but decided to turn it down. Now, it appears nobody will be featured on the show this season thanks to the length of the lockout.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated posted a message on his Twitter account Sunday morning to let the world know there will be no Hard Knocks for football fans to enjoy this season. The hit series has been quite the popular show over the last few seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets being the most recent featured teams, but it looks like football fans will have to wait until at least  2012 before they get to watch it again.

From King’s Twitter account:

No “Hard Knocks” this year. I repeat: No “Hard Knocks.”

After teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons turned down offers to appear on the show, it seemed like the Carolina Panthers were the leading candidate to appear on Hard Knocks for the upcoming season. Considering the length of the lockout and the fact that training camp is supposed to start later this week, it comes as no surprise HBO had no choice but to cancel the show for this season considering how much they would have to scramble around at the last second to begin filming.

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