Despite Narrowing Choices Down to Texans, Bears, and Jets, Plaxico Burress to Choose Between Giants and Steelers

By Jeff Shull

Apparently the three teams Plaxico Burress expressed interest in him have made it clear that interest is a one way street, and the former Super Bowl hero is apparently going to meet with his two former teams this Friday.

A dinner is set with Burress and coach Tom Coughlin on Friday, after which Burress will fly to Pittsburgh and meet with coach Mike Tomlin.

Judging by an ESPN interview about a month ago, it would appear that the Steelers have the upper hand. Burress did not seem to enjoy his time under coach Coughlin, but said he would love to play for a coach like Mike Tomlin or Rex Ryan.

However, sources are saying that if Tom Coughlin shows serious interest and puts their previous issues behind them, a return to the Giants is not out of the question.

The Giants are reportedly prepared to offer a two year deal worth $10.5 million, which will be based heavily on incentives.

According to a report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Seth Bernstein provided Burress with a private jet to fly to New York Tuesday night in an attempt to get a meeting between the Giants and Burress.

Bernstein is a billionaire and close friend to Giants co-owner Steve Tisch, and has apparently convinced Burress that the Giants are the type of organization that Burress needs to return to.

Unfortunately NFL rules did not allow the meeting to take place, and it will instead happen on Friday after free agency officially begins.

Justin Tuck reiterated pretty much everything all the other Giants players have been saying this off season, that the players want him back.

“It’ll be another match made in heaven,” Tuck said. “I know this team would love to see him back,” Tuck said, adding that he had spoken to Burress. “I don’t see there being any other place for him to be [other] than here in New York. But he has to do what’s best for him and his family, and that’s what I’d advise him to do. I can’t speak for Plax or Tom, but it’s been well-documented that they have bumped heads in the past, so hopefully a little time apart can rekindle that love that they shared for each other.”

The Giants have yet to reach an agreement with Steve Smith, so maybe Burress is a realistic option for them.



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