New Orleans Saints resign valuable offensive weapon

By Philthy

No, this valuable offensive weapon isn’t Reggie Bush. This cog to the Saints offense is wide receiver Lance Moore, who has been one of the Saints top offensive players over the last four years.

While the team can’t officially sign Moore until Friday and has not released a statement about resigning him, Moore tweeted that he was re-upping with the Saints on Wednesday afternoon. Moore’s official tweet said “Welp, its been real new orleans……..But let’s make the next five years even more real. I’m coming back baby!!! #whodat”

This is an important resigning for the Saints, as Moore was one of Drew Brees’s favorite weapons. Additionally, he is the first of the Saints 28 free agents to resign with the team. Jermon Bushrod, Roman Harper and David Thomas are the other free agents that the Saints would like to resign the most.

Moore’s resigning also alleviates the pain that could be caused by releasing Reggie Bush. Moore catches a lot of balls in the flat and is used as a slot receiver, similar to the role Bush played on the Saints. Moore could help replace one of the roles Bush played on the team, while several members of the Saints running back corps could take care of replacing Bush’s rushing touches.

This resigning is great news for Saints fans and is hopefully the start of a lot of resignings of their free agents.

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