New Orleans Saints players treated to Shirley Temples at training camp

By Philthy

Who said that real men drink beer?

As a gag to lighten the mood at one of the team’s first training camp sessions, Saints head coach Sean Payton called all the practicing players to the huddle and had an equipment manager deliver faux “Shirley Temple” drinks to the players that are unable to practice due to new rules in the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

Any players signing, or even resigning with a team, with a team are not allowed to begin practicing with the team until August 4 when the new collective bargaining agreement officially starts. This means that players like Lance Moore, Roman Harper, Jermon Bushrod, Darren Sproles and any other players that signed with the team as free agents are forced to sit on the sidelines at training camp until Thursday.

Payton’s prank was right out of his playbook. Anyone who read his book, “Home Team,” knows that he has a good feel for the pulse of his team and knows how to motivate them and keep them going. This “Shirley Temple” tactic sure looks to fit the part.

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