The Chicago Bears Should be Ashamed of How They Handled Olin Kreutz

The Chicago Bears should absolutely be red in the face for how they treated a 13 year old veteran in contract negotiations. 13 year center Olin Kreutz was officially replaced because the Bears wouldn’t match his 4.5 million dollar 1 year contract request after the Bears offered him 4 million for the upcoming season.

Really Jerry Angelo? That’s how your going to play a guy like Olin Kreutz? The leader of the line for that long a period? Chicago organizations in general are definitely in hot water in terms of fans across the country. You have the Cubs…don’t need to say much there. Ozzie managing the White Sox. Okay let’s stop.

Jerry Angelo- absolutely pitiful. You completely screw the Ravens over during the draft, which paints you in a bad light, and then you show the heart of your offensive line the door over….500,000? But yet sign Roy Williams? Really? This is one of those days where I just put my head down in absolute shame to be a fan of the organization.

Olin Kreutz- thank you for your hard work over the years. You will be missed, and not forgotten.

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  • Randy

    I agree 100% Especially since Olin turned down more lucrative offers over the years. The man was a Bear, and he wanted to retire a Bear. JA should be ashamed. Can’t wait till he is gone.
    -Also, I hope this a-hole move doesn’t affect the other veteran players. It would be hard to play for an organization that disrespects people like that.

  • Eric “mofo” P

    As long as Angelo is in Chicago, I will no longer buy one piece of Bears merchandise, game tickets for me, my family, or friends( which I spent nearly $5k last year). If his success rate were to be tallied as hitting average in baseball, I don’t think a .080 would get him very far. Yet the king of incompetence is still there. Have the McCaskey’s lost all sense of logic? Or is he just screwing Papa Bear’s daughter? I am so disgusted, I wrote this when I never do things as such. No new jerseys for me or mine, no NFL game ticket on DirecTV, nothing. Nothing that will place a dime I’m the pockets of ignorant fools ruining the team I grew up loving; those damned ship of fools!